The Three Most Useful Tools For Measuring By Hand

No DIY project or construction job is likely to turn out very favourably if those undertaking it do not have the means to make accurate measurements. Having high quality measuring tools on hand is absolutely vital as it enables DIY enthusiasts, tradesmen and craftsmen to work out vital aspects, such as how long to cut a piece of timber or where to drill cavity holes, with a high degree of precision.

Whilst there are many different types of hand tools available for measuring, the following three are arguably the most useful.

Measuring Tapes
Measuring tapes are available in a variety of lengths, although the most ‘handy’ sizes are generally those that range from 12 feet to 30 feet. The blades in longer tapes are usually wider and stiffer than shorter variants as this enables them to provide greater unsupported reach.

Straight rulers are highly accurate workbench tools which are normally made from aluminium, steel or stainless steel. Most rulers have markings on them which are printed or etched in both Imperial and metric measurements i.e. inches and cm. In addition to standard workbench rulers there are also wooden folding rulers available which come with slide-out brass extensions that allow users to take accurate inside measurements.

Calipers are typically used to measure small objects very precisely. There are three main types of callipers: Vernier, electronic, and dial. These normally have a capacity of six inches and can measure both inside and outside dimensions.

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