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Astounding Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

The occasion of Christmas brings the season of gift give away to increase affection and love within friends, family members, and colleagues. Selection of presents for every individual should be personified according to that person’s likes and interests. Whether you pick some expensive gift item or a casual widget, you need to wrap it nicely to make it more tempting for the gift receiver. Every super store offers gift-wrapping services if you purchase item from their shop, which looks marvelous. However, you can also wrap the presents with more personal effects and creative ideas making it presentable on the fascinating day of Christmas.

DIY boxes

Gift boxes of any size and shape can be build by your own crafting abilities with in your home just by conceiving simple ideas of decorating plain card boxes with shimmering sheets, vivacious paints, stickers, ribbons, metallic ornaments, printed paper tapes and lots of other things which clicks your mind and looks good to see. A gift box can be created in pyramid shape with fabricated paper sheet topped with a ribbon bow. A simple heart shapes gift box with engraved name or pasted picture can also be appealing. Creating a paper pouch with frills hovering around will be an elegant idea to wrap small gifts.

Fabric wraps

Unusually, the material like fabric can turn your cheap Christmas gifts into an exotic piece to be presented on auspicious event of festivity. Fabric wraps can be created with several types of stuff like brocade, silk, velvet and fancy net material. Just cover the gift item with a plain paper of neutral or vibrant colored depending which one complements the upper wrap of fabric you are using, to give a supportive base and contrasting color in case of using lace. Swanky fabric stuff or a Christmas printed material will be simple and handy wrap to cover the whole gift with only a knot, ideal to last minute wraps for large items.

Fancy baskets

Gifts baskets are a most tempting gift holder that catches one’s eyes due to the elegance as well as the volume and amount of gift items it comprises. Those baskets may include edible items such as chocolates, candies, fruits, Christmas cookies, dry fruits and snacks, Or more sophisticated objects like shopping coupons, wines, branded items, perfumery, aromatic candles, classy wearable an much more. However, the challenge comes up when you have to adorn the carrying basket to make it stylish. It can be embellished with classic huge bow, fresh or faux flowers, shiny ribbon stings dangling from the edges or merely covered with transparent sheet of plastic. On the other hand, you can pick a glossy colored synthetic basket of hard paper basket to get rid of the other heavy decorative efforts.

Magazine and book paper wraps

Show the spirit of your creativity to craft a wrap of magazine pages and text book folio to decorate graceful Christmas gift for an intellectual person like your professor, writer or scholar. Tear up the dated magazines of your friends or sibling’s favorite and coat the personalized photo gifts with glossy magazine sheets artistically. They come with such a variety of colors that you do not need to amplify the wrap with other items, just place a wax paper flower to complete the wrapping. Textbook pages can be converted into bold alphabets by stencils to paste on the brown paper gift-wrap to name the person or just to say happy Christmas. This typographic technique is a unique concept for gift packaging.

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