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Make the Most of Your Garden This Summer

Summer is finally here, although as Brits, we know that it may not last for long! Because of this, as soon as the good weather hits, we usually want to make the most of it and head outside as much as we can, and letting as much of that warm, summery fresh air into our homes as possible by throwing open our windows and doors.

They may not be used much in the winter months, but never let it be said that we don’t make use of our gardens as soon as the good weather hits. The sounds of children playing on the grass and the scents of barbeques wafting over the fence are enough evidence of this. For many Brits, the garden becomes an extra room to their house even, so why not make the most of it by installing some beautiful bi-fold doors to give yourself complete access to your garden?

Bi-folding doors are just what you need to open your home out onto the garden on those sunny days and warm evenings. If you’ve got friends and family round, they allow you to extend your kitchen, living or dining space out into the garden, giving you plenty of space for everyone to mingle and come and go.

 If the weather’s just not quite warm enough for sitting outside to enjoy those barbequed steaks, then you can still enjoy the shelter of being inside while having the freedom for everyone to come and go to the barbeque on the patio just outside.

 Your bi-fold doors aren’t just beneficial for those hot sunny days either – you’ll get a fantastic view of your garden all year around, allowing plenty of natural light into your room at the same time, which will make the room feel bigger. Consequently, you might want to consider breaking out the lawn mower more frequently to make sure you’ve got something nice to look at! Being able to see your garden on a regular basis means you’re much more likely to enjoy it, even if the bad weather means you can’t get to go outside in it!

 Bifolding doors are a great alternative to traditional patio doors because they allow plenty of different opening options, from a normal ‘door sized’ opening to the full expanse and everything in between! Frames are available in different colours, meaning you’ll be able to choose a look that perfectly complements the rest of your home, and you’ll be able to choose the size you want too.

 You won’t need to worry about any security issues from installing bifold doors either. Fully concealed stainless steel anti-jemmy pins mean that the doors can’t be leveraged from the outside by intruders and, of course, the doors are lockable.

 You’ll also benefit from the ultimate in energy efficiency, with energy-efficient glass and high-tech triple weather seals, ensuring that you’ll be protected from any bad weather and draughts, as well as from any outside noise (when the doors are closed, of course!).

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  1. Absolutely! Summer is the perfect time to turn your garden into a vibrant oasis. Nice blog! I read your article. I really like all the points that you mentioned. I truly appreciate the effort you have put into this article. Thank you!!

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