Plastic Card Options For Business Purposes

It is fair to say that investing in plastic cards can be very beneficial to business organisations these days. Indeed, these handy little accessories can be utilised for everything from identifying staff members to storing business information and controlling building access (when used with access card readers) so it is clear to see just how useful they can be.

Business organisations that are keen to invest in this technology have a number of options available to them as there are several different types of card available.

Magnetic Strip Cards
Cards that have magnetic strips integrated into their design have superb information storage capabilities. Indeed, the fact that these cards can hold a wealth of data on everything from demographics to usage history means that they are the particularly good options for employee identification badges and security access cards.

Metallic Cards
These kinds of cards (which are only metallic in their appearance) are great ‘immediate identification indicators’ as they enable people in authority to quickly recognise individuals who have been given permission to be in a certain area i.e. their metallic shine makes them easily identifiable from a distance. Metallic cards can be colour coded (for instance in bronze, silver and gold) to determine different levels of access.

Mifare Cards
Mifare cards have small microchips embedded within them that are designed to be used with special magnetic card readers. These cards afford great access control so they are ideal for use in high security areas.

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