What are the Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains?

If you’re a homeowner or if you run business premises then the state of your drains might not be a top concern. However, when drains do become blocked you’ll definitely start to notice them. When this happens it’s important to rectify the problem as soon as you can, or risk future problems, for instance you might need drainage pipe lining.

One of the challenges is that there can be several causes of blocked drains.

Leaf detritus is a very common cause of blocked drains. Obviously in the autumn months this is more of an issue. One of the most effective ways to remove leaf detritus from a drain is with high pressure drain jetting.

Leaf detritus is the most common cause of blockages when we’re talking about outdoor drains. For indoor drains we’re usually talking about other causes. For instance, in kitchens it’s common for sinks to be blocked with food detritus, also fat and grease. You can get several products on the market which can treat this problem. Or you might need to contact drainage relining companies.

On a similar note, hair can be a cause of drain blockage. This is a problem in bathroom areas, for obvious reasons.

There is essentially no end to the cause of drain blockages and all sorts of foreign objects can cause a problem. When we’re talking about outside drains one of the most modern and effective means of treatment is with a pressure washer drain cleaner.

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