Why Manufacturers And Engineers Love Nylon

Whilst many engineering plastics have become household names amongst consumers in the space of a hundred years, few are as well known or as widely appreciated as polyamide – better known as Nylon. Since its inception by the DuPont Corporation in 1938, Nylon has developed into one of the most immediately recognisable materials in the world.

Of course, it isn’t just consumers that have a soft spot for Nylon. Indeed, engineering companies and commercial manufacturers of all means and sizes swear by Nylon plastic (in its many forms) as it is a highly usable material that is ideal for a whole range of applications.

But what makes it so useable?

Outstanding Heat Resistance
Because Nylon has truly outstanding heat-resistance qualities it is seen as being an invaluable material in the production of mechanical parts. Indeed, leading manufacturers within the automotive industry now use Nylon to manufacture components they once made from metals as it can fulfil the same purpose yet weigh significantly less. This enables companies to create lighter vehicles which are more efficient and often more cost-effective.

Impressive Wear Resistance
As a very rigid material Nylon is extremely hardwearing and resistant to abrasion. Needless to say, hardwearing materials that are resistant to abrasion are ideal for making components like gears, bearings, seals and valves.

Great Mouldability
Another great aspect of Nylon is that it can be processed and moulded with relative ease. This means that manufacturers and engineers can create intricate shapes with greater accuracy and speed.

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