Aluminium Gutters on Traditional Buildings

There are two types of traditional properties – those of a genuine historic age and those built recently but designed in a period style. Both types of building tend to have cast iron gutter systems, the former because that was all that was available when the system was first installed, and the latter to create the illusion of illustrious heritage. Whilst cast iron looks great, its tendency to suffer from rust and corrosion can create problems in terms of maintenance.

However, there is now another option available for those looking to improve traditional properties, and one which has many advantages: cast aluminium guttering.

Aluminium gutters and downpipes look equally good on modern and traditional buildings, but the advantage of using them on old buildings is that they can be made to look almost exactly like cast iron, thus maintaining all the historic appeal of a property. They look so convincing that even on some of the most protected properties, listing building officers are prepared to accept them as a suitable replacement for cast iron.

Powder coated and painted black, a cast aluminium gutter system has all the appeal of a traditional finish, as well as all the benefits of modern manufacturing and installation techniques. The lightweight, durable and non-corrodible properties of cast aluminium mean that it requires little maintenance once it has been fitted and has a much longer life expectancy than many other materials.

If you want to replace a gutter system whilst maintaining the aesthetic appeal a traditional property, the combined practical and visual benefits of heritage style cast aluminium may well make it your best option.

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