Signs That Your Gutters Need Replacing

Like most of the components that make up your home, your gutters have a lifespan. There is not an exact date after which a system will cease to function, but it is important to be aware that all rainwater systems will eventually need replacing. It is thus essential to be in the know when it comes to tell tale signs to look out for.

Some of the indicators of the need for a new guttering system, such as pipes that are overflowing or hanging off the wall, are very obvious and hard to miss. However, there are other signs that you may not notice from the ground, and this is why it is recommended that you carry out regular close inspections of any gutter system.

The first thing to look for during an examination is cracks in the pipe, which may be a sign of water leakage. If you see any cracks at all, big or small, your system will need to be replaced, because a tiny crack, if ignored, can quickly become a large hole, leading to further water damage and causing serious structural damage to your home.

Peeling paint and watermarks around the pipes are also signs of possible leaks. Even if the damp patch itself has dried up, the crumbling paint or dirty mark left behind is an indicator that your rainwater system is not working properly and likely to cause you problems in the future. In all of these cases it is advisable to get your system replaced as soon as possible, in order to avoid bigger and more costly structural problems in the future.

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