Enthusiasts Gather For RC Race

Lots of people around the world enjoy the buzz and excitement provided by electric radio controlled cars and some of these enthusiasts now gather for special race events to test their skills and vehicles against others. For example, the racing track in Medchal, India recently played host to a gathering of RC car fans. The Times of India revealed that a two-day contest was fought there, with “fast, small and agile cars manoeuvring their way through potholes, raising swirls of dust”.

According to the publication, this activity is quickly finding its place in the city and its track is dust-free and it has lots of sharp turns and obstacles to make the contests more exciting and challenging. Five different types of soil were used to make it.

One man who made his way to the event was Ajo Joseph. Speaking about his motivation for taking part in the race, he said: “A competition like this gives you a chance to meet up others who are passionate about the game” He added that the cars can be extremely fast.


Fellow competitor Kapil Jolly went on to state: “The sport is a rage abroad and it gives you a different adrenalin rush. The feeling of being behind the wheels and not a mere spectator is fabulous. It’s full entertainment without the fear of any physical accidents.”

It’s now easier than ever for people to purchase electric RC cars and many people choose to source the vehicles over the web so that they benefit from optimum choice and convenience.

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