Understanding Different Kinds of PPE

PPE is ubiquitous throughout industry and there are good reasons for this. Not only is health and safety legislation more stringent than it’s ever been but the demands of industry have increased exponentially. Thankfully, PPE has simultaneously evolved to meet these increase demands.

What are we talking about when we say PPE? PPE stands for personal protective equipment, sometimes referred to as personal protective clothing. Wherever there are external dangers there may be a need for personal protective clothing. This clothing can cover one specific part of the body, the hands or head, or can cover the whole body to deliver maximum protection.

Of course the area of law enforcement if very different to the petro-chemical industry, with varying needs. Therefore, there is little ostensible similarity between the protective equipment designed to protect from the impact of a bullet to that designed to protect against chemical corrosion, for example. There are essentially, then, PPE for every industry and therefore much diversity, here are some examples:

Turtleskin Safety Gloves

What is Turtleskin? Basically it is the world’s tightest woven fabric which makes it extremely durable and resistant to puncture. It is, therefore, a material that is used very extensively and effectively. It is commonly used in the law enforcement sector, for obvious reasons.

As well as Turtleskin being used for body armour, it can also be used in the manufacture of extremely durable and hardwearing gloves. These gloves are able to handle sharp objects, such as needles or glass fragments, and therefore make an excellent general safety glove.

High Cut Protection Garments

Turtleskin can be used again in the production of high cut protection garments. These garments provide highly effective protection against cutting threats and are therefore highly valued in a range of high-risk industries, such as the bodyguard, private security or law enforcement sectors.

There are many advantages to using Turtleskin for these kinds of applications. Not only are they extremely durable and puncture resistant but they are also lightweight and can be effectively concealed beneath clothing.

Water Armour

Water might not immediately be associated with the necessity for personal protective equipment; however, waterjet operators can face real dangers. One effective way to protect against these kinds of threats is to use appropriate PPE. Again a versatile material like Turtleskin can be used very effectively here.

Innovative Uses

Wherever you need protection materials like Turtleskin can be invoked to great effect. An innovative use of this material is in the production of snake armour. In some parts of the world, and in some jobs, snake bites are a real danger, which is why effective lightweight protect is a must. Turtleskin can be effectively woven into hunting clothes without compromising anything in terms of their comfort and light weight.

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