The Standard In Audio Speaker Cables

Audiophiles the world over agree that high end speaker cables are the only real way to take advantage of a top notch music system. Without them, it could become a case of putting a Mini engine in a Lamborghini, particularly for those who have also invested in acoustic treatments for a room.Cables from such manufacturers as Acoustic Zen, Wireworld, Audioquest and many others can ensure a pristine, crystal clear transportation of the audio signal without noise interference from a multitude of sources. Wireworld Cable Technology’s Platinum Eclipse 7, for instance, utilize entirely unique polymer composites which help to maintain the audio fidelity. This is due to the fact that even insulation materials can be source of disturbance to the travelling signal.

Acoustic Zen’s Absolute audio speaker cables on the other hand focus on the wire itself making use of the purest 7N “Zero Crystal” silver wire assemblage with “Zero Crystal” copper in order to give better high current signal flow interactions. Coupled with this is the double insulation with air-inducted foam Teflon which reduces the effects of noise interference. Purity is always an issue when it comes to wiring and the Absolute’s really deliver offering 0.41 uH/ft with a resistance of 0.008 ohm/ft.

Technology like this really has the capability to open up even the most dense of audio signals, giving a sense of position and space to instruments while maintaining that crisp crystalline, transparent sound present in the mix. For anyone aiming to reproduce the sounds heard in the studio, cables like this must be the standard.

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