Three Tips For Choosing A Tutor

The benefits that a tutor might offer your child are plain to see. Hiring a tutor could mean the difference between  a few percentile points that could in the end mean the difference between an A and a B – this in turn could mean the difference between achieving that desired university place and not.

Hiring a tutor is a great commitment. Obviously before committing to a tutor you’ll have to talk with your child, get to know their needs and wants. There is also the financial commitment too and quality tutors are an investment. And, of course, you’ll have to source a tutor that meets your own stringent demands.

Different tutors obviously have different specialisms and therefore it is important to identify what tutor teaches the required subject at the required level. Many tutors have experience teaching specific ages of children, and there can be many differences between, for example, teaching GCSE level and A-level although they are obviously consecutive.

But where do you look when you’re choosing tutors? It’s a very good question and there are lots of places where you might find quality tutors. For instance, you might rely on word of mouth, check your local listings or you might look on a specialist website that offers a wide variety of tutors for lots of different levels.

Personal tutors should be exactly that “personal” and it’s very important that a tutor not only possesses the right credentials but has a personality that you and your
child are likely to engage with.

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