Three Revision Tips

At a certain age, you will predominantly be assessed with examinations. True there might be the odd coursework but when you take your GCSE or A-Level exams the brunt of your mark will be decided through several very difficult exams.

As we all know, the key to success in exams is revision, taking for granted that you have a good foundation of aptitude. But how do you maximise your revision, both on the short term and long term?

Perhaps the most effective thing you can do is to hire a tutor, or get your parents to do it for you. Private tutors can help you meet the difference between a few marks and could, therefore, radically improve your prospects. Home tutors tend to be specialist in certain subjects and are now more accessible than ever online.

Another very effective thing you can do is to draw up a detailed revision plan. Preferably this will outline what you should be studying and when using a timetable. If you do have a tutor they will help you with this or perhaps you could get your parents or teachers to help.

Whilst you should start your revision well in advance you will still want to increase how you revise as you get closer to the big date. When time gets shorter make your learning materials more efficient using diagrams etc. Avoid pulling late night revision sessions as this could make you too tired to perform well.

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