An aerial view of the Peak District

There’s no shortage of places for people to discover by air while making the most of helicopter rides and this mode of transport can provide individuals with a completely new perspective.

All around the UK, there are areas of beauty and interest for consumers to make the most of. For example, many people choose to take advantage of helicopter hire in the Peak District.

The Peak District straddles the border between the northern highland parts of Britain and the southern lowland counties and the Peak District National Park was the first National Park in the country. It was designated as such in 1951.

Meanwhile, the area’s close proximity to a number of major cities, including Manchester and Sheffield, coupled by its easy access by road and rail have contributed to its popularity among visitors.

Every year, millions of people make their way to this national park to enjoy its natural beauty and tourist attractions.

A helicopter flight is the perfect way to view the diverse and picturesque Peak District landscape. People can take in rolling farmland, forest, limestone plateaux, river valleys and dales. There are few areas in the UK, and indeed around the world, where such diversity exists in so concentrated an area.

Helicopter rides over this spot make superb gifts for people and they are also great family trips. Meanwhile, for those inspired by the impressive scenes who want to make flying a more regular activity in their lives, it is also possible to take advantage of helicopter pilot training.

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