Staff Lanyard Help Improve Security

Every kind of business needs to take on site security seriously. Complacency can lead to opportunist thefts. It’s all too easy for thieves to sneak in and make off with expensive equipment like laptops. Laptops that might contain sensitive and valuable data. It’s not quite as simple as making an insurance claim. A break in can be hugely disruptive and potentially devastating.

At any office people come and go all the time. It’s important to be able to identify everyone at a glance and staff lanyards are a perfect way to do this. They’re highly visible which makes life easier for security staff. They can spot straight away if someone is authorised to be in the building. They’re much better than a simple security pass which is often stored out of site in a pocket, wallet or bag.

As well as permanent staff organisations employ temps and contractors. Site visitors include sales reps, suppliers and other partners. They need identification too. A quick sign in and then they can be issued with ID lanyards too. It’s the attention to detail that matters. A secure sign in process and smarter way to display ID makes for a water tight system that helps to reduce risk of crime, but without being too onerous.

Lanyards can be branded with any corporate design or logo. This is perfect for events like trade fairs. It gives businesses the opportunity to sponsor the event and raise awareness. Not only do they help to improve security, but they’re a great marketing tool as well.

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