Maruti Suzuki’s Most Popular Cars

Maruti has been a very successful and old player in the market of four wheelers. It has successfully launched some of the very finest car models at very economic prices that have kept up with the budgetary requirements of the people. In the preceding years some of the most popular cars- Maruti Alto 800, Swift Dzire and Swift were launched creating hull a bash in the car market. At such moderate rates and with very advanced features the Maruti cars have managed to top the charts in terms of their fuel efficiency as well as their fan following. Speaking in context of mileage and power generated by the car engines, the Maruti cars, are no doubt superior to any other family of cars. Besides, the various down payment schemes of new 800, or Alto that involves small instalments towards the clearing of the car loan taken is eventually turning out a green signal for the people to drive home the key to happiness.

It is affordable for the small middle class family, and eventually provides you all the possible benefits of driving a small car. Speaking about the new Maruti Swift Dzire, it has been launched the previous year and is a modification to the previous version of the Dzire sedan. With almost similar features, the only difference that can be figured out between the two sister cars, is that there have been several new dimensions added upon the designing of Swift Dzire, with wonderful exteriors making it look further more elegant and graceful. Besides, the length of this car is less than the previous swift sedan. With the consumer friendly payment structure and an affordable structure, Dzire has been improving its sales ever since its launch. With the revised features of this car, it has got similar engine power, and is available in both diesel and petrol engine versions. Besides, it is much better in terms of its mileage and fuel efficiency.
Maruti Alto 800 has garnered a whole lot of attention as this brand has always been loved by Indian customers. It has been launched at a very much bearable price of 3.35 lakh. With more improved features and looks, it has emerges to be the strongest contender for the people’s car of India. This little car form the largest car making company, has broken all records of sales ever since its launch. It is eventually surprising to see that the car has got such profound lovers and buyers. If we believe on statistics, it has made a record booking of around 6500 units a day before the car had even stepped in to the showrooms for sale. This is the trust of the Indian people in this Indo-Japanese car-marque cars such as the Swift has created historical records of sales, and are still their favourites. With all of these changes that have been taking place in technology in automobiles, it appears that the brand is fully committed to take the pleasure of driving to all together new level. The big change is here.

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