Communication Avenue Limited – New Peels for the Rotten Phruit

Phruit hits again. They are back in their foul play and guess what this time they are going to work as Communication Avenue Limited. (A brand new identity for Phruit Limited)

What might be the reason to start a new company? Phruit was once undoubtedly the best lead generation service in UK. However, what compels them to change their name so frequently?

Is it true that Phruit is treacherous, fraud and cheats money? Yes, it is. Evidences are enough to prove that Phruit is unethical in their business practices.

Phruit hired a number of contact centers in India and Philippines to carry on their outsourcing task. When they entered into terms, they were strictly following the business morals, but with time, everything changed. They denied making payment to such call centers because of petty reasons –

  • Low-grade work output
  • Absence of Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Paperwork not up to the mark

In such a relentless situation, the companies have started to take legal actions against Phruit. What Phruit did in return, they just stopped communication with them. Phil Lightfoot, the director of Phruit has nothing to say on this matter.

The company who does not communicate with their business associate just to cheat money on them, seeks a disguise under the name Communication Avenue Limited, doesn’t that seem a bit ironical.

When the call center companies started to take legal actions, a lot about Phruit was known. Though they had fame in the market, but they lost it due to their excessive greed. The call centers have committed one mistake; they have not crosschecked the company history and relied on market influencers. Here, they came to know that in 2010 Phruit was suspended from Direct Marketing Association for violating three popular principles:

  • 21.18 and 21.20 on TPS compliance and data cleansing
  • 3.11 under which Phruit has a responsibility for compliance by suppliers
  • 3.18 on “sugging” or carrying out sales and marketing under the disguise of research

It was a single customer complaint, which laid them to get, defame. Yet, they have not learnt from the past mistakes and continue to usher their immoral role under the name of Communication Avenue Limited.

If a company enters is into treacherous acts and makes immense profits through such immoral practices, they won’t stop it. Hence, we are here to warn you against this brand new identity of Phruit and heed you from entering into any kind of transactions with them.

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