Outdoor Classrooms are Great for Young Children

Learning outdoors in a great way to engage young children and get them interested in the natural world. In outdoor classrooms, they have a greater sense of freedom and this can lead to an increase in creativity, more enthusiasm to learn and, of course, it can be a very pleasant way to learn.


Outdoor classrooms which enable children to learn out of the confines of the classroom are a great addition to any learning environment because the outdoor environment is great for stimulating all of the sense and renewing children’s interest in a range of subjects.


Outdoor learning environments are particularly good when teaching young children science. It enables them to engage more with the world around them and see real life examples of the subjects they are covering. For example, they are able to watch plants grow, see how the sun casts shadows and watch the weather as it changes.

For young children, being able to see and engage with active examples is a much more effective way of teaching than simply reading for a book or listening to a teacher. When children feel like they are a part of the environment and its processes, they will tend to take more interest in it and develop much stronger knowledge of any given subject.

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