The Basics & Essentials of Product Packaging Design

The packaging industry is one of the largest in the UK and the appearance of a product can play a key role in determining its level of success. Careful and detailed planning must be given to every aspect of your product; from the brochure design to the product’s packaging itself.

Selling the kind of product which offers a service to the consumer will only be successful if it appears attractive and eye-catching enough to draw the consumer to your product or service. Everything from the concept to the finished product including printing, packaging and all marketing communications need to be of a very high standard.

Here is a shortlist of just some of the things that the correct packaging design can do for your product:

  • Your product can become instantly recognisable using the correct packaging. Your brand will become easily identifiable.
  • Your personalised packaging will differentiate your product from that of your competitors. The chosen colour and design of your packaging will add to the uniqueness of your product.
  • Product packaging provides customers with valued information. For example, effective packaging will provide them with an image of the product and give them detailed guidelines as regards instructions for its use.
  • The product packaging will be the final thing the consumer sees about your product before deciding whether to purchase it or not. It is therefore essential that your packaging is of a high standard and does not let your product down.

In most cases, packaging works out to be 10% of the retail cost of the product. However, this percentage can sometimes escalate in such areas as gift items, electronic devices and cosmetic products. The cost of product packaging is returned through its effect on the increase in sales. Attractive and effective packaging might just be the determining factor when it comes to that all important point of sale.

Below is a number of factors to keep in mind for when designing your packaging:

  • As well as packaging looking appealing and attractive, it should be functional. In order for it to last the test of time, packaging needs to protect your product and limit the amount of damage and deterioration that may occur.
  • Transporting your product can become an issue if your packaging is not durable enough to withstand the process.
  • It should be as environmentally friendly as it can be.
  • Ultimately, your packaging should stand out and be of a higher standard from that of your competitors. It must appeal to consumers and entice them to choose your product over theirs.
  • The packaging should be user-friendly and be easy to open and simple to use. It should aim to make things as easy and as stress-free for the consumer.
  • It should grab the attention of your target market and this should be kept in mind the whole way through the design process. Understanding your target market and knowing what they want is crucial.
  • As with everything, packaging trends are constantly evolving. Keeping up to date with the new trends is essential in order to give your product the competitive edge.

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