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Are You New To Gardening? Check How To Use A Fertilizer Spreader

Having a hobby is essential for a healthy mind. It is the way people blow off steam and de-stress when things get a tad bit monotonous. If you are one of those people who have a green thumb, then it is clear you know what a big responsibility it is to keep up a garden. Keeping your garden healthy is a demanding job on its own. One should make sure that they are properly irrigating the soil, feeding the plants, cleaning the foliage and aerating the grounds.

Speaking of feeding, one should keep in mind that to make sure that their plants are healthy, they should apply fertilizer in just the right amounts. Evenly distributing fertilizer in your garden is a skill that is hard to master. You need the right tools and the necessary know-how to use them. Speaking about the right tools, a fertilizer spreader is your best friend when you want to make sure your garden and its members are well fed.

A brief about fertilizer spreaders

Fertilizer spreaders are ideal when you want to evenly spread dry fertilizer in your garden. These are manual devices that need to be pushed from behind. The overall appearance of the tool is similar to that of a hopper on wheels which when pushed, evenly drop pre-configured amounts of fertilizer on the soil from its openings in its bottom.

Brief instructions on how to use a fertilizer spreader

Although a fertilizer spreader makes the chore of evenly distributing fertilizer in your garden easy by many folds, if you don’t know how to use it properly, you won’t get the desired results. The following section will shed some light on some brief pointers that you can implement for operating your fertilizer spreader in an efficient way:

  • Calibrate the tool in just the right amounts as per your requirements so that proper quantity of fertilizer is dissipated from the tool on the ground. That being said, one can ask how they can calibrate their fertilizer spreader. Well, that is simple as well and downright right to the point. All one need to do is to follow the instructions provided in the instruction manual from the manufacturer of the fertilizer spreader. Another aspect is to use a bit of common sense – for instance, the flow rate of granulated fertilizer won’t be the same as that of powdered fertilizer. Therefore that tool needs to be calibrated in case the form of the fertilizer has changed.
  • You can control the flow rate of the fertilizer by adjusting the control dial that is attached to the handle of the tool.
  • When you are using the tool on your garden soil of the first time, be sure you are starting from the edges of the garden and gradually moving towards the inner parts of the same. Follow a definite pattern so that the fertilizer is dissipated evenly. Keep your strides as similar as possible so that it is neither too slow nor too fast.

Fertilizer spreaders are a must have when one wants to look at a healthy garden and reduce the workload that comes with maintaining one. Follow the above-mentioned tips for desired results. In case you are facing some doubts of your own, be sure to consult with the customer support executives of your fertilizer spreader manufacturer for best results.

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