The Power Of Printed Carrier Bags

Whether you are a business or a customer, we tend to use carrier bags on a daily basis, but have we ever acknowledged the power they actually behold? What actually makes these bags so powerful?

Let’s take a closer look to gain a better understanding, below.

Create A Strong Brand Awareness

Printed carrier bags that have your logo, company name and hashtag on, are a great way to connect to your users. From the materials you use to the style and design of the bag, they all have different impacts on customers and how they perceive your brand.

Glossy, durable plastic not only shows your customers that your brand is strong and reliable, but it is also a reusable bag for your customers. You could even go as far to say that it shows that you have a strong connection between you and your customers.

The layout of your logo and company name on the bag makes or breaks the success of the bag. It needs to be big enough to be seen and make a positive impact, but not so large that it is yelling at the customer. The logo, similarly, needs to be engaging and relatable to your business in order for it to be memorable and interesting for the customer.

Why is the brand awareness so important?

Having an unforgettable brand design on your printed bag is very important as it creates:

  • A first impression
  • A story behind the brand
  • A connection with the customer

An Interactive Brand Experience

Printed carrier bags attract customers due to their uniqueness and the great lasting feeling they receive. Having a bag that is personalised to the brand not only allows the customer to understand fully what your brand is about and its personality, but it also makes them feel spoilt as if they have been given a gift.

How? You might ask! Well, with the addition of tissue paper, it creates a connotation of a gift and if a customer is proud of their bag they will feel very excited and proud walking around town with it.

So, how can it be made interactive?

Simply by adding a hashtag to your printed carrier bag, you have created an interactive experience with your client. The hashtag that you have placed in front of a message, keyword or topic can later be researched and indexed throughout social media channels to discover the idea in more depth.

What’s more, the hashtag is an attractive aspect to the design on your bag, as the younger generation can relate and will feel as though you are communicating to them, making them more likely to want to buy from you.

The Lasting Impact On The Customer

As we have previously mentioned, the feeling that your bag gives the customer is extremely important. Not only does it make them feel pleased with their purchase at the time, but it also creates a lasting impact on them.

Remembering the feeling they had when they purchased a product from you and received the beautifully printed carrier bag showcases the power from the bag. For a bag to be able to make an impact on an individual means that you have produced an excellent design.

As you can see, a printed carrier bag actually has a lot more power than you ever might have imagined. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you get your branding right and you make the most of using printed carrier bags. Conduct plenty of market research and aim your branding on your carrier bag at your target audience. Additionally, make sure that your branding is consistent from your printed carrier bags through to your website and store, to create a confident, positive power for your customers.

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