Looking After Your New Subaru

We all know that Subaru make great cars, but they are from cheap to buy and are often high-performance vehicles. Because of these two factors, it is even more important to look after your new Subaru as well as you possibly can.

Breaking In Your New Subaru

For the first 1000 miles or so, drive in a very calm manner and try to combine urban and motorway driving in roughly equal measures. Subarus have a ‘cold engine’ warning light on the dashboard, and you should take particular notice of this useful feature during this early stage.

Try to avoid stopping suddenly, and accelerate slowly and steadily away. It’s also best to keep the revs under 4000rpm.

Drive at a range of speeds, but accelerate slowly up to high speeds and decelerate slowly to lower ones.


Many dealers will recommend that you get the first oil change done after just 3000 miles or after three months of driving. It’s easy to keep putting this first service off because of the cost, but if it prolongs the eventual life of the car, it will pay for itself in the long run.

Officially, four-cylinder Outbacks, Legacys, Imprezas and the WRX STI don’t require their first service until 7500 miles or after 7.5 months. This is now also true of the four-cylinder Forester; previously the recommendation was set at 3000 miles or after three months of being on the road. The six-cylinder Outback, Tribeca and Legacy models should definitely be serviced at 3000 miles or after three months.

Service costs vary hugely, mostly due to where in the country you are. The price of servicing new Subarus in London, for example, will differ greatly from the price of a service in the north of the country or in rural areas.

At the initial service you only really need them to change the oil and check that the filters are in good condition. Afterwards, you can revert to the maintenance schedule recommended in the handbook of the particular car you have bought.

By strictly adhering to the recommended service schedule, you will not only prolong the life and performance of your car, but you will also improve its value should you come to sell it on.

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