Placing Workers at The Centre of Appraisals

Appraisals can be a great means of boosting worker motivation and development. However, the types of assessment used by organisations vary and some may not be as effective as others.

Speaking to HR magazine recently, HR director at Telefonica Digital Simon Linares said: “Appraisals are actually a very good idea but need to place the employee at the centre of the process. They are key to an open and transparent culture and create alignment around what is going well and what isn’t – so there are no surprises basically.”

He went on to suggest that appraisals are just one part of any good process, adding that they can prompt important conversations to happen.

Meanwhile, fellow expert Karen Beaven, who is the HR director at River Island, suggested that managers need to determine what they want from appraisals before developing a strategy.

She remarked: “It’s up to HR directors to get to the root of that question before deciding on a process and ensuring that the message is communicated at all levels.”

Thankfully, help is at hand. For example, if firms are keen to take advantage of 360 degree feedback systems, they can approach specialist providers. This can help them to benefit from the best results and it also makes managers’ their lives easier.

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