Now dealers can set car prices more accurately

 Some car dealers get a bad rap. While it’s true that there are some car sales outfits that are best avoided, the vast majority are good solid businesses who try to do the right thing by their customers. They give all vehicles a thorough servicing and MOT before selling them onto buyers complete with a warranty. It’s impossible to eliminate risk from the equation completely, but they stake their reputation on trading in sound vehicles that will give their new customers many happy years of trouble free motoring.

Dealers don’t just pluck a figure out of the air when they set their car prices. Increasingly they use online valuation services so that they can set a fair price at the going rate for that particular model based on condition and mileage. This is the information age, so determining car value is easier and faster than ever before. Online valuation services take the guesswork out of the mix and everyone benefits.

This kind of service is great for buyers too. When they are looking to trade in and get something newer, they can quickly and easily determine what their current model is worth and check that they are paying the market rate for their new car. It’s a level playing field for everyone.

Money is tighter all around at the moment. It’s important to get the best possible deal. Not everyone is particularly clued up about cars. Price guides really help and give customers and dealers alike a solid platform to work from.

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