Tips for Choosing the Right Car for Your Teenager

When choosing a car for your teenager it is important that you consider a number of important aspects as statistics reveal that teenagers are far more likely to be involved in road traffic accidents than adult drivers. For this reason, it is crucial that you select a safe and sturdy vehicle as your teenagers first car in order to lower the possibility of an untimely accident. Since during the first few years after getting their drivers licence, the car will be used as a “practice vehicle” and more likely be getting scratched from parking and other minor damage, it is always a good idea to buy a second-hand car. In case you haven’t had the occasion of giving a more thorough look, start by checking local classifieds, if by chance you are located in Nigeria check this free classified site. With this in mind, here are top tips to help you choose the right car for your young driver.

1) Choose a stable vehicle

Vehicles such as SUVs (especially the smaller models) are much less stable than many other cars as their centre of gravity is significantly higher. This means that whilst another vehicle may just skid, an SUV has a higher likelihood of rolling over should the driver steer the vehicle in an abrupt manner.

2) Avoid models that will encourage reckless driving

When choosing a first car for your teenager I advise that you avoid high performance engine vehicles and eye-catching sports cars. These vehicle are likely to encourage showing off and fast driving which subsequently increases the possibilities of an accident. A more sedate vehicle is always advisable when purchasing for a teenager.

3) Ensure that the vehicle you choose has excellent crash protection

Look for a vehicle that has integrated crumple zones, good bumpers and multiple airbags. Consequently, should your teenager be involved in an incident he/she will have better possibilities of minimising any injuries sustained.

4) Purchase a newer vehicle

More recently produced vehicles have been designed and built with far superior crash protection when compared to those produced between six and ten years ago. Do some research in order to find out which cars have the best safety ratings and carefully consider purchasing one of these vehicles for your teenager.

5) Purchase a larger vehicle

Speaking in more general terms, larger vehicles tend to offer the driver and passengers more protection than smaller vehicles which can be popular amongst teenagers. Make sure that you research any vehicle that you may be considering in order to ensure that it is appropriate for your teenager and will offer maximum protection in the event of an accident.

By taking into consideration these helpful tips when choosing a car for your teenager son or daughter, you will ensure that you choose a car that is suited to a beginner on today’s roads. Remember to consider your child’s personality when purchasing his/her first car as this can often aid you in making the right choice. Ensure that you advise your teenager on road safety issues and perhaps take a driver with him/her in order to see first hand how your teenager drives. If you are currently looking to sell your vehicle, you’ll probably have a pretty good shot by posting your ad on a “cars for sale” page online. Here, you will be able to sell your car online to suit the needs of other people.

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