What are Effective Measures to Reduce Waste Material in House

Somebody has rightly said that Cleanliness is Godliness. All of us wish that we remain neat and tidy at all times. Same is true with our households that must be free from rubbish or waste materials that not only create awkwardness but are also harmful for our health. Certain steps and rubbish skips can help us to get rid of the waste material.


Do make use of the dust-bin and throw the waste material into it rather than scattering the same here and there in the house that gives a shabby look apart from creating health-hazards. Rubbish skips can be of great help in keeping the houses tidy.


To keep your household free from rubbish and other waste material, make maximum reuse of the items rather than throwing them resulting in addition to the waste. Shopping bags, plastic bottles, containers and envelopes can be used many times that save the families from unnecessary spending time-and-again in addition to keeping the house clean. Likewise the back of the writing paper can be used again instead of adding it to the waste material of our house.

Buy recyclable packaging

It is advised that the items purchased by you must be packed in suitable packaging that may be recyclable to avoid addition to the wastage in the house.

Buy consumables in bulk

To keep your house neat and tidy, always prefer to purchase the consumables in large quantities. Laundry detergent if purchased in bulk will not only cost less but will also avoid keeping many small bottles that add to the waste material in the house. Same is true with other consumable items too.

Home cooking

Buying fast food and other eatables from the market involves unwanted wrappings that make the houses look shabby because of these plastic or paper material thrown here and there. On the other hand, meals if cooked at home cost less and also help in keeping the place clean and healthy.

Avoid water bottles

Try to make maximum use of the municipal water and don’t go in for the bottled water that costs more and is available in bottles that create nuisance when they are thrown after use.

Buy durable items

We often make purchases of different items for our family members. Daily routine items including clothes, stationery, electronic items or other such things are our necessities. It is advised that only quality and durable items are purchased even though we have to pay little more. Substandard purchases will result in early deterioration and add to the wastage in our houses.


Few people are in the habit of throwing the broken items that create nuisance and addition to waste material. It is suggested that such pieces may be used after carrying out necessary repairs that will avoid waste material and financial burden too.

Still if you are tired of anything, straightway sell it or donate to someone who may be in its need. Such unwanted items can also be recycled.

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  1. One of the most important things that people can do to protect the environment is to reduce the amount of waste material that they produce. There are many effective measures that people can take to reduce the amount of waste material in their houses. Some of these measures include recycling, composting, and using less plastic. Recycling is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of waste material in a house.

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