Uses For Large Inflatables

Whether you want to increase sales or promote special offers, you first need to make potential customers aware of your product or service. It doesn’t exist if they are unaware of it.

And that’s a challenge for all businesses, big and small.

But what if there was a way to hit all your marketing benchmarks, reach your goals, and generate excitement simultaneously?

That’s the idea we’re going for with some custom inflatables. Here are five ideas that will draw you to your doorstep.

5 Reasons To Love Giant Inflatable

The business world is highly competitive, so it’s important to leverage every possible advantage over your competitors. You can advertise in print and broadcast media, but what do you do to attract potential customers who drive or walk your place? One way to stand out in a crowded field is with outdoor advertising on large inflatables. Here are six good reasons why these bespoke outdoor marketing products are a great idea for your business.

Easy To Store

In the past, if a business wanted an oversized promotional component, it had to purchase a sturdy item made of fibreglass or other durable material and install it permanently on the premises. Because these large objects are always there, placing them for seasonal sales or other short-term promotions was impractical. When you want to set up large inflatables for the spring sale, simply deflate them and keep them in your closet until you need them next time.


When you buy a sign or put up a permanent sign, it stays there until you pay to move it somewhere else. The bouncy castle gate only takes up a little space, so it’s easy to move from room to room. This is useful if you want your business to have a presence at street fairs or other temporary events. Anyone who sees your company at a trade show will recognize your items as a symbol of your company.

Make Your Company Unforgettable

Remember the 1000th sign you see on the highway or the giant inflatable unicorn telling you to buy ice cream? It’s about getting potential customers to think about your business when it arises. Incorporate tissue colours into your inflatables and choose something fun to remember. Investing in one of these oversized marketing devices and placing it prominently makes you more likely to have a big piece of real estate in the hearts of people in your area.

Repeated Use

Traditional marketing techniques are attractive to the business owner, but many of them can only use once. If you dismantle a sign, it will cease to exist, so if you want to place it in a more favourable location, you will need to create a completely new sign. As long as you take care of your inflatable piece, it will be used repeatedly for years whenever you need more traffic.


In today’s competitive business environment, doing more with less is critical. This includes strategies to get the most efficiency out of your marketing budget. You can spend your money on traditional advertising methods, but each has its drawbacks.

  • Radio advertising is very expensive.
  • Billboards require lease payments in excess of $3,000 per month.


Marketing campaigns cannot stay within your location or rely on social media. You have thousands of potential customers on your doorstep. They drive, they walk, and they commute. Adding something as simple as a custom-moulded inflatable to your marketing mix will instantly grab your attention.