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Top 5 Causes Of Damp

Dampness is a commonly experienced problem for most homeowners and in fact other types of property owners. Obviously, it may cause great and at times irreversible damage to the affected structures or areas. Hence it is vital to detect dampness and get the same removed from the given place in a timely manner. Damp proofing is surely an apt solution for management of this problem well. Of course, you need to consider damp proofing costs before going ahead with any types of treatment options. Even more important is to know the various causes of dampness at any place. It helps in getting rid of this problem right from its root cause. Here are the top five causes of damp at any place.

Leakages in gutters

One of the most important and major reasons for dampness in any building is the leakage in the gutters. Gutters both at ground level and even those meant to drain water from the roofs or other high structures may suffer from leakage due to multiple reasons. This, in turn, results in seeping of the water through the roofs, walls and other structures around. As a result of this, dampness starts arising in the building structures.

Use of open chimneys

Use of open chimney pots is also a major reason for dampness at any place. It results in penetration of the water into the chimney cavity and then its permeation into the building. Since open chimneys are directly exposed to all types of weather conditions, therefore, these may give rise to the problem of dampness.

Defects in the building structures

Certain defects in the building structures may also give rise to the problem of damp and hence demand you to consider damp proofing costs in order to resolve this problem. As an instance, the use of poor or defective mortar courses in the external walls or use of defective sealants around the doors and windows may also give rise to this problem. These defects may slowly get aggravated and lead to permanent damage to the given structures inside the building.

Certain problems with the plumbing system

Plumbing system at any place is yet another major factor or reason that may lead to the problem of damp. Leakage or breaking down of the pipes internally, corrosion of the water pipes that result in seepage of water through the walls and other structures around or damage to the seals around the baths or showers may become the chief causes for damp.

Excessive humidity in the internal property atmosphere

Due to high levels of humidity in the internal atmosphere of any building, the humid air condenses to form water vapours and start affecting the building adversely.

By being aware of these causes of damp, you may protect your property against dampness and hence save the same from damage.

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  1. The primary causes of damp can be attributed to a variety of environmental and structural factors. Firstly, the presence of excess moisture in the environment can cause condensation on walls and ceilings, leading to the accumulation of moisture and an increased risk of dampness. Rising groundwater levels may lead to water penetration into the building’s structure, resulting in further dampness. Many thanks. An abundance of knowledge!

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