Disadvantages Of Drinking RO Water

Drinking water should always be safe and pure. Even water from RO water filters also has its disadvantages too. RO water filters require high water pressure which in turn returns the same water in the reject stream.


  • Water filters or purifiers of RO care India remove most of the necessary minerals that is present in water such as iron, sodium, magnesium and calcium. These minerals are very essential for our body. If our body lacks any of these minerals then it might cause several problems within our body. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of RO water filters.
  • InROwater filters, there is a chance of membrane breakage. Only a few water purifiers are capable of indicating when to switch on the RO membrane. It is always better to switch on the RO membrane at least once a year. The main function of RO membrane is that on its breakage, all the dissolved salts and bacteria or viruses simply enters and passes through the RO membrane.
  • Presence of chlorine can also make tiny pores within the RO membranes which reduces the efficiency of the membrane. Too much chlorine is also not for our health.
  • Although we think that we are consuming the purest form of water from these RO water filters but the truth is most of these RO water purifiers fail to kill the waterborne disease causing viruses or bacteria. These microorganisms will most probably pass through the RO membrane. Passing the RO water through UV water filters will treat microorganisms effectively.
  • The taste of water mainly depends upon the presence of minerals in it. So, with the removal of natural minerals from RO water it gets de-mineralized as a result of which the taste of the water gets affected making it almost tasteless.
  • Time is again a big hurdle since RO water purifiers take a very long time in purifying the water which is a major disadvantage of having a RO water filter.
  • In case of RO water purifiers, water wastage is much more than filtered out water which gets flushed down as wastewater.
  • RO water purifiers are much more expensive than normal water filters.Most of the people cannot afford buying a RO water purifier. It even consumes a lot of electricity.
  • It is important to keep TDS level in water less than 10 because some of the essential minerals get removed from the water. So it is important to make sure that the TDS level of water does not get below 10.

Gone are the days when people used to store water in earthen pots. Those pots are actually much better. It even helps to keep the water cool. Although, it fails to purify the water but then it keeps the necessary minerals in the water intact. Nowadays, we find RO water filters more advantageous since we don’t have to carry water in pots and bring them home. With RO water filters at home, this is an advantage. We don’t have much to worry about since the supply of water is almost continuous.

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