The Versatility of Business Cards

Business cards are a must-have item for many business people. Swapping these handy little items is a simple and quick way to exchange details and individuals and organisations that lack such cards can come across as unprofessional and ill-prepared.

There are lots of different business card designs for people to choose from now and as long as they are savvy when sourcing the products, entrepreneurs can ensure they make a great impression.

In many ways, individuals are limited only by their imaginations when it comes to these objects. They can take their pick from a range of materials, finishes and designs.

One firm that has demonstrated the versatility of the cards is Lego. According to a report on SWNS, the company has “possibly the coolest business cards in the world”. The Danish firm has opted to use personalised Lego Men, referred to as minifigs, to showcase the details of its personnel.

The figures contain employees’ names and contact details and they are even made to resemble their owners.

For example, blonde head of Lego UK PR Emma Owen has her own versions that come complete with long golden hair and dark eyes. Commenting on them, she said: “They’re so cute and amazing – it’s not surprising everybody wants them. My little figure is blonde just like me, but for any of the men who don’t have any hair, their figures are bald.”

Of course, most firms opt for much more conventional personalised business cards that are cheaper and easier to access.

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