An Array of Elo Touchscreen Products

It is not that long since touchscreen technology was predominantly the preserve of science fiction, but now it is a reality for many companies. Indeed, these days a considerable number of firms would struggle to operate without products and systems with this capability. Touchscreens can be used in variety of scenarios, including shops, factories and schools, to name but a few.Some of the best products on the market are Elo touchscreens and there are a variety of these offerings for managers to choose from. The versions they go for will depend on their precise requirements.

The 15E1 All-in-One Touchcomputer

One option that may interest bosses is the Elo TouchSystems 15E1 E-Series 15-inch widescreen touchcomputer. This is compact and has a small footprint with wall or pole-mounting capability, increasing installation flexibility.

These items can withstand a lot of use in public environments and they feature stable stands and tiltable displays.

The products also look sleek and stylish with proprietary zero-bezel iTouch touchscreen technology. This provides a seamless, edge-to-edge design that can really wow users. Meanwhile, the screens are pure glass, meaning users benefit from an optimal picture. The glass is factory-sealed to help ensure it is resistant to spills, dust and grease. Also, cables are hidden, adding to the product’s professional and high-quality appearance.

Managers may also wish to note that the system is fast, accurate and drift-free. In addition, it can be operated by fingers, gloved hands or a soft stylus.

C2-Series – Fanless ‘Cool & Quiet’ All in One Touch PC

Another Elo product that may be of interest to managers is the C2-Series – Fanless ‘Cool & Quiet’ All in One Touch PC. This can be perfect as a retail point-of-information, countertop product demonstration or customer information system and it has a stylish, compact design.

With screens of either 19 or 22 inches, it boasts big, bright HD+ displays and a wide-aspect ratio. It also comes with PCI express expansion capabilities, pole mount or stable stand and tilt displays. Meanwhile, it is cool, quiet and fan-less and features an Atom Dual-Core 1.66 GHz.

B3-Series – Performance Ultra All in One Touch PC

Another superb Elo touch product is the B3-Series – Performance Ultra All in One Touch PC. This fan-cooled creation comes with either 15 or 17-inch displays and it can be used in a plethora of scenarios, including point-of-sale, point-of-information and point-of-service. For example, it’s great in retail and hospitality display units, internet access sites, customer loyalty systems and digital signage.

It has a small footprint, is retail-hardened and features a flexible touchcomputer. It also boasts a full range of standard connectivity ports plus expansion.

Choosing With Care

In order to get their hands on products like this, firms have to spend a certain amount of money, so it’s important managers that choose wisely.

By ensuring they do their research and by investigating all the options open to them, bosses should end up with touchscreen solutions that tick all their boxes and that represent an impressive return on their investment.

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