The Value of SMSTS Courses for New Site Managers

Promotion to a management position is obviously a very positive thing; however, whilst there are undoubtedly lots of benefits from your new position, you will face many novel challenges. A large number of these challenges will relate to your increased responsibility not only to the business but also for your workforce.Whilst in many jobs the role of manager is somewhat symbolic, in many more professions there is a clear role that a manager has to perform. Nowhere is this truer than in the construction sector, where management positions typically involve the taking on of a wide range of important responsibilities.

Because Site managers in the context of construction have so many additional responsibilities they are typically given access to courses such as SMSTS training. SMTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme, and SMSTS training courses are designed especially for those new to management positions.

The course has several focuses, however it will teach you how to better manage your workforce, in the context of safety procedures and will give you the practical knowledge to deem whether a site is suitably safe or productive. You should be given the skills to implement new guidance and best practise for your industry.

Training is crucial for many reasons; however the biggest of these is that it practically and effectively improves how people are able to work safely, and ensure the safety of those who they’re working closely with.

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