The Future of Window Cleaning

The future of window cleaning is here. And it is robotic.The surge in construction of major skyscrapers across the world, and the recent attempt of China to construct the largest building in the world in just a few days has led many people to wonder how all these windows will be cleaned. With so many skyscrapers concentrated in one place in many cities across the world, it often seems as though there are not enough commercial window cleaners to go round. As such, a robotic window cleaner has been created to solve such a problem.

Except it won’t really be able to solve the problem at all – at least not in its current incarnation. Whilst the future of window cleaning may well involve robots, its present will have very little use for them, save for in terms of gimmicks. Not only are these small robotic instruments unlikely to be able to clean entire buildings unaided, but they will also do a far less effective job on city buildings which are caked in dirt. As such, the time it takes an individual to utilise a robot to get a building clean is likely to be far longer than it would take that individual to simply do it themselves and with vast glass edifices, numerous robotic cleaners would be needed, something that will be both expensive and even more time-consuming.

So whilst the future may be robotic, right now, in a time when pollution is greater than ever, human commercial window cleaning services are going to be more important than ever.

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