Introduction To Drain Jetting

It would be fair to say that nobody enjoys having to deal with blocked drains. To be sure, the prospect of getting down on all fours and trying to manipulate gunk out of a long, dark pipe has very limited appeal. Moreover, adopting a DIY approach to drain cleaning rarely yields much in the way of success; in fact it more often than not just leaves those tasked with doing it thinking “There must be another way of dealing with this!” as they curse at their predicament.

The thing is, there actually is a very quick, easy and effective measure available for dealing with blocked drains nowadays – high pressure drain jetting.

This innovative approach basically involves directing a high-powered jet of water down a blocked drain. The force of the water used is such that it easily dislodges any blockage and washes it away, thereby leaving the drain free of obstructions and fit for purpose once again.

This simple yet very effective strategy can be carried out on a variety of scales as there are portable jets driven by small generators available to take care of small jobs and large tractor-driven systems on hand to tackle more comprehensive problems.

Of course it’s not just as an emergency measure where drain jetting can be invaluable. Indeed, making use of a high pressure drain cleaner on a regular or periodical basis can be hugely beneficial as it can hep to stop blockages from becoming an issue in the first place!

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