Are You Onto Armed Forces- Know How To Buy A Tax -Free Car

Are you into military forces and is in UK on a mission? Looking forward to purchase a tax-free Ford car in UK? That’s a great idea. But, do you have any questions on how to buy such tax-free cars. The following blog post will give answers on some important questions in this regard.
What are military tax-free cars?

If you are into armed forces or is a diplomat of any International organization, you are eligible to purchase a tax-free car in UK. This is a benefit given to the military-men and diplomats.
What you need to do is to show your military passport or the service pass given by the International Organization, you are a part of when you buy the car.

There are many automobile dealer companies in UK that provides tax-free cars to the military. For example, you can check out Cuff Miller ford cars for the armed forces website or similar ones to get one.
Buy, I am left- hander?

No problem in that, if you are a left-handed driver, you can still buy a Ford car of your choice. In fact, you will get all things that feature in left hand drive cars including left head motor lights.
I am on a mission in UK?

If you are on a mission in UK and want to use the car, there is no problem in that. Under the laws of UK government, any diplomat or armed man who is on a visit to UK can buy a tax-free car and use it for 3 months. At the same time, export the car to his/her homeland in EU (European Union) or overseas after the end of their tenure.

Under the PES (personal Export Scheme) a military men can export the car free of VAT cost in his/her homeland but it will require 6 months for delivery. In some cases, it can extend to 12 months.

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