4 Essential Tips For Buying A New Set Of Tires For Your Car

For over 100 years, tires have been the most crucial element of a car. Well, they are in fact, the car’s only contact with the roads, and the hardiest of engines, best anti-skid system and the strongest of brakes are largely dependent on the kind of tires that the vehicle runs on. Each and every move that the driver makes, with the help of the steering wheel, gas pedal, brakes or accelerator, is transmitted to the street via the tires.

Therefore, if the driver has tires that are not inflated properly, unsuitable for the terrain or are worn out, then he/she is putting the vehicle, she/he and others at great risk. For a few people, they pick tires based on the availability and the price while the rest may pick tires based on reputation or just appearance. But here is a list of points that one must consider before purchasing a new tire:

  • Get your basics right: Tires today have a large number of components, anything between 19 and 25. There are steel belts that give the tire stability and make the patterns of treading as flat as it can. Make sure you learn up some basic points of how the tires work and what the functionalities of the different parts are.
  • Pick the Right Tire: The most common mistake users make are picking the wrong kind of tire. Tires usually have a code ingrained on them that signifies various specifications. Here’s a simple example of decoding a tire specification –

If the tire’s got the code: S 190/50R15 62H M+S

  • S – signifies what kind of tire it is)
  • 190 – is the width of the tire in millimetres)
  • 50 – is the aspect ratio of the sidewall when compared to the breath of tire
  • R – signifies the radial construction
  • 15 – diameter of the tire in inches
  • 62 – load rating of the tire
  • H – speed rating of the tire
  • M+S – if the tire is fit enough for all season use

  • Figure out where to shop: When you need to set up new tires, make sure you buy from the right place. Going back to the dealer to replace your tires can cost twice as much as it will if you got them replaced at a car servicing shop. Mot and servicing Manchester is one of the best in the area and stock a wide variety of tires for all car types. You can also buy tires online but after proper research. There are websites like that are in the industry for over 40 years and know their job better than anyone else.
  • Driving Needs Must Be Taken Into Consideration: Take a good look at the size of the tire your car needs in your manual. Take your driving needs into consideration, by analysing whether you will be doing mostly city drives or using the vehicle heavily on highways (firm ride, soft ride etc), what the terrain you will be driving on, and the average load on the vehicle. Do not pick a small size passenger car tire for a light pickup truck or a big SUV. Going to experienced mechanic to help you pick the right tire is highly recommended.

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