How To Save The Environment But Still Keep Your Business Looking Fashionable

Consumer trends for 2020 show that more than 65% of shoppers are more likely to purchase or consider a brand if they are eco-friendly. This highlights just how valuable it can be to your business to make sure you are promoting an eco-friendly image.

However, the tricky part is finding a balance between a sustainable, ethical brand reputation without loosing your image and what else your brand stands for. It’s important to mix the two, incorporating eco-friendly initiatives that don’t dilute your culture, USPs and appeal, all of which add value to your brand and help you establish a returning customer base. These are just a couple of the best ways to help the environment (and let your customers know about it), without sacrificing the image you have worked so hard to build: 

Eco Friendly Printed Bags

The printed carrier bags you supply customers with say more about your business than you might initially anticipate. They help to promote your brand around town, as your consumer transports goods home. They also speak volumes about the quality and type of products or services, including rough price points, that your business provides. 

Changing up your carrier bags to an eco-friendly material tells your customers you are eco-conscious. Paper bags, for example, only need to be reused three times before they are carbon neutral, meaning that their carbon footprint has been totally offset. Furthermore, you can make sure you buy from a sustainable supplier, with commitments to buying in bulk (which saves distribution energy) or even those that promise to re-plant trees or donate to campaigns to leave as little impact on the world as possible. Opting to switch to a new style of bag provides you with the opportunity to update your design and maybe make your bags a little more stylish. There are so many premium printing options available to paper bags, so you can customise to suit your brand! 

Establish A Curated Online Aesthetic 

Online branding has very little impact on the environment. Other than the materials used to take pictures and the human resources required to upload and curate the design, it’s totally eco-friendly. This is a great way for you brand to establish a stylish aesthetic that accurately represents you. Check out the social platforms of brands like Lush, Glossier and Etsy. They all have a carefully curated colour wheel and images that work cohesively together to present their audience with a stylish message. 

Scrollers, users and potential customers love to follow brands and companies that have cool, artful images and information that is valuable or engaging to them. Over time, as your online community begins to build, you can even talk about your eco-friendly initiatives, building a positive image for your brand. 

Decorate Your Workspace With Plants

This all depends on the scale of your business, your premises and the space available to you, but plants are appealing. Millennials and the younger generations definitely think so, with a huge upward spike in nurturing plants. Greenery is now a stylish look to incorporate in your retail space, café, office and more. This can make your business look calming and fashionable to prospective customers passing by.

If you do work in a corporate office building, you might consider improving your kerb appeal by planting trees and shrubs around the outside. It is decorative and might cheer up an otherwise grey or boring building. However, it has so many environmental benefits that everyone can enjoy! 

These are just a few of the stylish, eco friendly options you have to promote to your audience. Fortunately, being conscious about the environment is very chic and brings in so much consumer attention! 

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