Environmental Benefits Of Automobile Recycling

Green living is an activity which is done for minimizing or removing the toxins from the environment and hence improves health and hygiene. There are various activities which contribute to green living like use of paper or jute bags instead of polythene bags, recycling of beer cans, installing an environment friendly floor in home, using CNG for vehicles. A recent trend which has come to protect the environment from pollution is recycling of automobiles.

When any car has lost its usefulness, then it is taken to the junk yards, where the cars are shredded and the remaining materials such as iron or steel is recycled again into automobiles and other products. Automobiles recycling have resulted in manufacturing of so many steel products. For instance out of every four tones of steel, three tones of steel is made out of recycled steel. Other parts of car like shoes, oil filters, seat covers, floor mats, side windows and windshield glass can also be recycled for new automobiles.

Automobile recycling has many benefits on the environment. Some of the benefits are as follows:

• It helps to preserve the natural resources and protects the environment from contamination.
• It saves landfill space and helps in reducing water and air pollution.
• It helps in reducing the emission of green house gases especially sulphur dioxide which has deleterious effects on environment and health.
• It reduces the amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds released into environment.
• It helps to conserve gas reserves, oil and coal.

Auto recyclers must control the recycling operations at junk yards to avoid leaching of the ground by heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, chromium etc.

Junk yards really prove to be beneficial as it doesn’t affect the environment and in return gives cash for junk cars. Almost in every city or town of US, like WA, TX, NJ has a junk yard where you can easily sale your junk car.

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