The Importance of ID Badges in The Workplace

Security is of great importance in the workplace nowadays even in offices or buildings which before may have been slightly more relaxed about people coming and going. With more and more workplaces and venues introducing ID badges for staff and visitors, it raises the question of how and where they will be carried.

Of course, carrying an ID badge in a purse or pocket is pointless, for security to be effective, then the cards must be visible at all times. That’s where ID lanyards are useful. Worn around the neck, ID cards are easily visible to everyone, and it is much more obvious when someone is not wearing one.

Staff lanyards can be customised with specific colours and designs to reflect the company or a product. They can even be customised to carry other items such as data storage devices capable of holding copious amounts of data and information. Of course, this poses its own security questions, what if the lanyard was to break? The materials used in making lanyards, such as polyester and nylon are known to be extremely strong and durable so a lanyard simply breaking would not be an issue.

ID cards are essential to the security of a building, often incorporating technology to allow the person to scan in and out of secure rooms. Keeping the card attached to a lanyard around the neck allows ease of access and also lowers the risk of cards being lost or stolen which could easily happen if it is just kept in a pocket.

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