How To Recycle Your Old Car

Recycling is a great option, if your car is no longer running on the road and is only taking space in your garage or yard. Inside that non working engine are used car parts for which someone else is looking for. You can earn some amount by selling your junk car in junk yard or salvage yard.

How To Find a Junk Yard

Finding a junk yard is the first step to Sell Your Junk Car. Junk yard is an area where the junk cars are sold and these junk cars are recycled in an environment friendly way. Instead of your junk car you will get cash. Start searching for auto wreckers and junk yards in WA or in any particular area. You can use internet to locate them, they will ask you about the model number of the car, year etc. Keep them calling at the number of junk yards as some junk yards use to take only particular models of cars as they specialize in those cars only.

Compare Quotes:

The amount you will get for your car varies from yard to yard. You must get the quotes from various yards, so as to get the best price in exchange of your car.

Preparing the Car

Once you are prepared to sell your car at junk yard, you must take out the usable parts out of it as these parts can be sold separately. The owners manual, keys and title are the things which an auto salvage yard needs for your car. If you don’t have the title of your car, then you must order a copy for the same first, as without it any salvage yard will not take car without title as it is you that you know it is your car but the owner of the salvage yard doesn’t know that car belongs to you.

Take the Car to Junk Yard

Once you have a title and cleaned the car, take it to salvage yard. If it cannot be drove then ask them to tow it or arrange for towing. Once the car reaches at salvage yard, it is checked by the employees and a final price is offered. Start negotiating for that price as it is necessary. If you agree and accept the offered price, then sign the title, collect DVLA certificate and cash. You should no longer worry about that old junk car in the yard.

The salvage yard owner takes out the useful parts out of the car and separately sells it to them who need it. Your car is helping others instead of collecting dust and rust on your car. Therefore, Auto Recycling is a usable and environment friendly process.

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