What is a CPC Qualification?

Alongside a vocational qualification, anyone who wishes to drive a bus, coach or lorry driver needs to have an additional CPC qualification. it’s easier than ever to obtain this qualification, and you’ll find options for commercial transport training by looking online. But what exactly is a CPC qualification?

How do you know if you  need to take the CPC qualification? If you’re a driver of any lorry over 3.5 tonnes or a minibus with more than 9 seats then you’ll need to take the CPC qualification.

In the first instance, if you want to obtain a CPC you’ll need to pass both theory and practical tests. In order to retain your qualification you’ll have to take 35 hours of training every five years.

If you are a bus or coach driver with a vocational licence from prior to 10 September 2008 then you’ll not need to obtain your CPC, however you’ll still have to undergo the training every five years. The same is true for lorry drivers for those with a vocational licence prior to 10 September 2009.

There are essentially four aspects of the theory and practical testing. The theory test will address two parts, a multiple choice theory test and case studies. Similarly, the practical test is split into two parts, there will be an assessment of driver ability plus an assessment of knowledge of safety.

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