Drivetrain – All That You Should Know

Drivetrain is the connecting system between the transmission and the axle that is actually responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the wheels. It is because of the efficiency of this part of the motor vehicle that a manufacturer is able to make tall claims about the performance, pick-up, and the strength of the vehicle. There are a number of parts that are considered indispensable portions of the drive train and poor performance of any one of those can result into a vehicle running sloppily.

Important Drive train Parts Vary from Vehicle to Vehicle

Drive train does not include engine or the motor that is actually responsible for moving the vehicle. Depending upon the type of transmission vehicle, drive train components vary:

  • Manual transmission motor vehicle consists of – clutch, differential, gear box, propeller shaft and sometimes an Overdrive.

  • Automatic transmission motor vehicle consists of – transmission, torque converter, propeller shaft, rear axle parts (differential and final drive),

  • Four-wheel drive vehicle – gearbox, transmission box, clutch, propeller shaft, front and rear axle are a bit differentiated consisting of (locking differential, portal gear and final drive)

  • Front- wheel drive car – apart from regular features (engine, clutch etc.), transaxle is modified consisting of drive shaft and constant-velocity connections to each wheel and regular parts such as final drive, differential, and gear box.

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Care is the Main Performance Driver

The list of components that make a drivetrain suggests clearly that this part is actually the soul of a vehicle. So, it is important to keep all the drivetrain parts in perfect shape or the vehicle may turn out to be a source of discomfort instead of luxury. Oiling, alignment, and replacement of the worn out parts in timely manner do most of the trick for categorizing your vehicle as a ‘well-maintained’ one.

Pointers that Call for Maintenance and Care

  • A loud clucking sound on putting the vehicles from drive to reverse denotes universal joints are jammed or tightened. So, instead of going for replacement, the problem can be solved by simple readjusting of the joints.

  • A lot of breaking of speed and stopping in between the drive is an indication that the clutch is being overused. When you face problem changing the gears or hear unwanted sound coming out of the vehicle while changing them, it is time to do something about improving the condition of clutch and gearbox.

  • Automatic transmission is at the greatest risk when it is exposed to overheating when the vehicle is being used in extreme climatic conditions. Say, moving from snow clad area to the hotter one may cause the overheating that leads to automatic transmission failure. Having proper knowledge about the use of vehicle during change of weather conditions may help you have longer life of it.

Your motor vehicle is nothing without your care and concern. Learn all about it and also make the best use of your knowledge for keeping the vehicle in the best possible shape.

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Kate Anderson explains how understanding of the basic parts of your vehicle can bar you from visiting a mechanic every now and then. For a quality purchase, she also suggests Drivetrain Auto Parts Warehouse which is a one stop solution to all your needs.

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