Who Are Tree Surgeons

Tree Surgeon is a practice involving the job of treating diseased or damaged plants and trees through proper filling of cavities or pruning and bracing the branches. A field that heavily relies on the physical strength of an individual, Tree Surgeon is also popular as Arboriculture. However, please note that there is a stark difference between a forester or logger and a Tree Surgeon.

Nature of Arboriculture

Compared to the foresters, the arborists or Tree Surgeon London focus in botany at a micro level. The foresters know the art and science of taking care of forests but it is the Tree Surgeon who has knowledge of reducing, cutting, reshaping plants and trees. If you intend to become one you definitely have to have an interest in the environment and its conservation. This profession also requires that the individual is bodily fit to be able to work under all kinds of weather conditions and cross long distances to reach your spot. You can attain proficiency only after having devoted a substantial number of years in this field.


  • Get rid of dead and unwanted tree limbs and prune trees to enhance their beauty

  • Trim trees to control the growth before these become a hindrance with utility wires

  • Remove undesired trees and bushes

  • Stop deterioration of the greenery by removing the decayed part of the tree cavities and fill holes with cement for the healing

  • Plant lush trees and shrubs at the necessary places for adorning the premise

  • Make use of multiple tools such as bucket, chainsaw, truck, tractor and chipper


As a Tree Surgeon London, you are expected to know the proper methods for bracing and pruning trees and shrubs. You should have the knack to operate the tree bucket for maximum access to trees. You should have a fair idea of the operation of chainsaws and safety ropes owing to the danger involved in the job.

Education & Qualifications

If a person is interested in arboriculture, he can attain associate courses and certifications depending on his or her preference. Programs such as national certificates, national diploma, diploma certificates, associate degrees or bachelor’s degrees can be chosen for a formal education. These studies help the students get more awareness about the diseases, pests and environmental factors that affect plants and trees. As a Tree Surgeon London, if you have got a similar qualification in your hand you can get yourself decent jobs in arboriculture in a shorter span of time.

Certification is not really required to follow this profession. However, if you are a certified Tree Surgeon London, it helps build confidence in the probable clients and employers who wish to hire a professional arborist. These certifications require you to have both practical exposure as well as the theoretical knowledge. The Tree Care Industry Association and The International Society of Arboriculture are few such institutions that offer various technical and safety-oriented certifications.

So if you are young, have the physical strength along with an interest in being a doctor to the environment around, you can choose to be a Tree Surgeon by choosing one or more of these courses.

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