What Does A Project Quantity Surveyor Do?

In the construction sector, and even in the context of home DIY projects, it can be very difficult to assess how much a project is going to cost, both in terms of money and in terms of time and manpower. Without an accurate picture of quantities and costs a construction project will never get off to the right start.

This is where a project quantity surveyor could help. Essentially, these are professionals who are well equipped to assess how much a project is likely to cost. In fact, their quantity surveying services go further than just cost planning, and cover things like tendering, life cycle costing and dispute resolution. Essentially, a holistic range of services designed to give greater control to professionals.

When costs and quantities are estimated from design drawings and blueprints this is known as “taking off.” This is a very important stage for any construction process, as it is about getting purchasing decisions as accurate as possible. Without this stage in place, a project can very easily over-spend, work at a loss or simply fail to meet its deadline.

The nature of the role means that quantity surveyors are impartial. This is key as they need to offer information that is reliable. Because of this impartiality it also means that quantity surveyors can be instrumental for dispute resolution and during legal proceedings. Their expertise can add a layer of authenticity to any project, as well as many practical benefits.

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