What You Need to Know About Industrial Air Compressors

Air compressors are very popular at the moment, thanks to the increased manufacture in small and medium scale air compressors, though the vast majority of air compressors are still used by heavy industry. Industrial air compressors are important to a wide array of companies and are typically used in conjunction with heavy machines, which makes them many times more powerful than that air compressor you may have picked up last time you visited the DIY shop for a bit of retail therapy.


Industrial air compressors are extremely powerful devices which often require thousands of horsepower in energy to work. These kinds of air compressors are capable of creating gigantic levels of air pressure and this makes them extremely dangerous when in the wrong or inexperienced hands.

Air compressors are most often used by heavy industry and it is the oil and petrol industries that use smart compressors the most. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a gas line which was not fuelled using a very powerful industrial air compressor. These air compressors typically have to be powered by a gas turbine in order to generate enough horsepower for them to do their job of pumping gases through underground pipelines and into our homes.

Petrol refineries also use industrial air compressors in order to create the petrol we all use for our cars, homes, and in the manufacture of many of the products we rely on today, this makes industrial air compressors very important in today’s world.


Manufacturing is another area in which industrial air compressors are regularly used. Pneumatic tools, in particular, are powered with air compressors, so in any manufacturing where pneumatic drills are used, you will find air compressors in their droves.

Pneumatic drills, because of how they are powered and how powerful they are, are often more economical and efficient to run than other pieces of equipment which will do the same job. They are also kinder on the environment, because they use compressed air, and that it why they are so prevalent today.


Because so many manufacturers opt to use pneumatic drills now, thanks to their many benefits, they also need to have industrial air compressors and this has led to an increase in the number of manufacturers who have bespoke air compressors made to meet their factory requirements. This has led to bigger, better and more powerful industrial air compressors than ever before being available in the UK.

Other Uses

Of course, it is not only heavy industry which uses air compressors to great effect. In any case where air needs to be stored, air compressors are used. This means that hospitals, scuba divers, fire fighters and even welders all used air compressors during the course of their day and with so many uses for air compressors, it is likely that we will see many more of them continue to be manufactured in future years to come.

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