What Are The Different Types Of Hydrotherapy For Dogs?

Hydrotherapy, also known as water healing, is a form of physiotherapy that uses water resistance to heal injuries and give relief from pain. If you have a senior or an injured dog, who is suffering from intense pain, then hydrotherapy can offer them a lot of help. If you are considering this treatment for your pup, keep reading this article.

Hydrotherapy is like physical therapy for your dogs; it helps them to perform therapeutic exercises with different water-based equipment. It is particularly beneficial for dogs who suffer from diseases like hip dysplasia, arthritis, etc. The procedure is conducted in different environments like dog hydrotherapy pools, whirlpools, and underwater trade mills. They use different properties of water like buoyancy, viscosity, etc., to give some physical relief to your furry friend. This uses the concept of weightless physical therapy and removes the weight from the body which leads to these diseases.

The Types

There are basically three types of hydrotherapies that are most commonly used for dogs- they are best suited to treat injuries and pains by reducing joint issues and arthritis. The procedures are conducted under given situations and are rightly selected by the vet according to your pup’s condition.

Dog Pool

A dog hydrotherapy pools help in enhancing different motions of your dogs, especially for those who are suffering from different joint issues and arthritis. Herein, particular parts of your dog’s body are targeted, and the procedure works on it effectively.

The size or depth of the pool would be decided by your dog’s vet, as it depends on the type of health issue they are dealing with. The procedure is conducted under the supervision of an expert vet to ensure that the procedure takes place properly without making your dog uncomfortable.

Underwater Treadmill

During this rehabilitation treatment for your dog, a trade mill is placed inside a tank and then your pup is put in it. Then water is filled in the tank to the level that your dog’s head stays above the water. It uses the buoyancy properties of water to decrease the pressure on the joints of your pup, and assist them with gait training. This is a great procedure for rehabilitating dogs that are suffering from arthritis or recovering from any surgeries.

Whirlpool Therapy

This is basically used for dogs recovering from some kind of major surgery. They are like Jacuzzis for humans wherein high-pressure water jets are applied to the concerned parts of your dog’s body, to help them get relief from pain and inflammation. The treatment uses resistance present in water to rehabilitate injuries.

Hydrotherapy is one of the best ways to take care of your furry friend. The right choice of treatment would depend on your dog’s condition and area of pain. It would be chosen by the vet after their thorough health assessment.