Understanding Employment Contracts

Many businesses, especially if they are smaller, struggle to understand the nuances of employment law. They recognise the importance of contracts etc, in the context of employer and employee rights, but might struggle to construct an employment contract that is within current legislations, i.e. constructed of all the necessary component parts.

Thankfully, the internet is a great resource for drawing up employment contracts. Not only can you find a lot of detailed advice from official or authoritative sources but you can now access an employment contracts template. This means you can essentially download templates safe in the knowledge that they carry all of the necessary components.

What are the laws affecting employment contracts? According to law, when you hire a new employee you must set out the terms of their employment within two months of them starting work. Technically speaking, the contract doesn’t have to be written at all and oral contracts are acceptable, however there are a few reasons why written contracts is more appropriate.

On the one hand, they benefit employees you will get a better grasp of what is expected of them as an employee, which obviously benefits you as employer too. You can also limit the methods of working using the terms of a written contract, to explain you can prevent your employee from working for employees using contractual terms.

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