Top 5 Best Car Stereo Systems for 2013

Enjoying the ride with an awesome soundtrack is everyone’s dream. Enjoying the weather, especially with your favorite songs just doubles the ride’s joy, and refreshes the driver’s mood. But in order to enjoy your favorite song on the trip, you will need a good car stereo so that you can enjoy every single beat of the song. However, if the car is equipped with the built-in stereo, it may be a bit cumbersome for some to decide which stereo they should buy in order to get the best sound experience while travelling from one place to another.

In this article, we will help the reader by listing the Top 5 Best Car Stereo Systems for 2013, so that he can just choose any of them, and enjoy the perfect music while on the go.

1. Sony CXS GT5416F
we all are aware of the quality of sound from the Sony devices. The Sony are the market leaders whenever it comes to the sound pitch and its quality. The Sony CXS GT5416F is also not an exception. The stereo system is packed with amazing features and outstanding sound quality. No matter which device you have stored your music on, you can just plug and play to the Sony’s stereo system. The stereo is equipped with a USB and an Auxiliary port which enables to connect almost any device to it. IN addition to these marvelous features, the stereo comes with one year warranty which makes it a must buy for the music lovers.

2. Boss audio 655CK
Another stereo system that has gained enough customer support this year, is the Boss Audio 655CK. The point that makes it different from the other stereo systems available in the market and which is often considered as the minus point of the device is that the device does not have the USB port. This limits the number of devices that can be connected to it. However, the company has compensated the USB feature with the totally detachable front panel for some added security, and the additional features like loudness balance and RCA outputs.

3. Boss audio 660CK
Another stereo that managed to get enlisted in top 5 stereo for the year 2013, is Boss Audio 660CK.All the features of 660CK is same as 655Ck, except this one has the USB port which completes the features list of the device.

4. Dual CP1222
Equipped with a CD player, along with 18 FM channels this device is a complete music solution for a music lover who loves to carry all his music while travelling.

5. Pyramid CDR22KIT
If you have several music CDs and want to hear them with accurate sound details while travelling, them this stereo device is perfect for you. However, it lacks the USB and Aux inputs, which means that you won’t be able to attach the MP3 players, and your mobile phones to it.

you can also get some more details about the devices by calling the driving standards phone number which can allow you the necessary information about the devices and the standards related to them. So, if you are looking forward to replace your old stereo system, or want to buy a new one for your car, then it is advised that you should go with any of these, according to your budget and choice, and enjoy your ride with your favourite song.

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