Performance Tyres Safety Tips

Car tyres are not only important because of how they affect performance. It’s certainly true that by installing performance tyres onto your vehicle you can considerably alter and improve performance; however, changing tyres can also affect safety. The tyres on your car and the overall safety of your car are inextricably linked. Here are some tips for ensuring the safety of your tyres:

You should never mix different kinds of tyres. Tyres generally come in two versions radial and cross-ply. One of the problems with mixing tyres is that it can create more grip in one part of your vehicle, so when braking in the wet, for example, you could encounter problems.

The quality of your tyres really matters. Especially when you’re talking about racing, the quality of your tyres is instrumental in performance. Obviously there are plenty of other factors in play, not least the skill of the driver, however motorsport is just as much about the machines and the details of these machines. If you look online you can find a wide range of quality, performance tyres.

Tyre pressure is also very important, whether you’re driving on the road or you’re on the raceway. If the tyre pressures are not right then this could lead to all sorts of problems, problems with handling, increased tyre wear, wheel damage and increased fuel consumption. So, make sure you check your tyres on a regular basis.

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