Unique Ideas for Your License Plates

The combinations of license plates are created with letters starting from A to Z and with numbers starting from 1 to 9. They are then allocated as per the rules of the state. You can get amazing combinations of large numbers created with these characters. They can be witty, political or simply weird. Your selected combination depends on the type of statement you want to make while driving.

You can collect old license plates if you want. In fact this is an amusing way to show off the states or countries you have visited. While stepping into an antique shop, you can find at least 1 stall with a profuse supply of old state license plates. They are often very inexpensive and are used for several projects.

Let’s check out some unique ideas for your license plates:

Creating a book cover

You can use a license plate for creating a sturdy book cover or photo album. Any license plate can solve your purpose but be sure to select the one with your desired color and design. In order to create the cover, you have to cut your license plates into 3 pieces. These pieces include the back cover, front cover and the binder.

Designing magnetic board

The license plate of a magnetic board can be a great idea. The best thing about a license plate board is that it helps to create an auto theme. Moreover you use it for posting the reminder of your family car. The board size depends to a great extent on the number of your license plates. It’s true that you will want to keep a wooden frame that will help to secure your license plates as well as a blackboard for holding license plates in the right place. You have to then secure the license plates to backboard with screws. In order to evoke the automobile theme, you can add your favourite automobile magnets.

Building a bird house

You can also use a license plate as additional décor for building a bird house. Try to add plates to your bird house roof for accenting its design. If you are having a red color bird house, you can select a red license plate or a white one. However you can also choose a different color that will match the overall color of your bird house. Place your license plate anywhere you like on your bird house. Nevertheless you should not forget to attach the plates with nails. It is better to avoid creating bird house with license plate if it is not used for indoor decoration item.

Accenting storage box

If you want you can also accent your plain storage box with license plates. If your storage box contains memories of your trip in a favorite place of yours, you can use the license plate of that place. This will help to differentiate the items in your box. Absence of design in a magazine binder can also be touched up with license plate accents. If you see that the license plate is extremely large for the binder, you can cut it to the appropriate size.

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